Two private office rental formulas available

At Wellio, our spaces adapt to the way you work.

How to reserve a private office?

  1. 1. Select a location
  2. 2. Come and visit
    Contact us
  3. 3. We send you a detailed, tailored proposal
  4. 4. Welcome to Wellio

Common areas available

  • L'École

  • Hall

  • Le Café

  • Informal space

  • Rooftop

With wellio, it's included

  • Concierge and reception service including mail handling
  • A caring team with a dedicated Well'manager
  • IT network secure and efficient with on-site assistance
  • Open 365 days/year 24 hours a day
  • Member status unlimited access to the Wellio network

Our additional services

  • Personalisation

    layout, furniture, decor, IT architecture and equipment

  • Long-term privatisation

    of meeting rooms and event spaces

  • Domiciliation
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Pros for professionals

Our promise: 5 commitments to boost your productivity

1. Real estate expertise at your service

Wellio, a range designed by Covivio, leading real estate operator in Europe

2. A setting that represents your company

customisable working spaces, our project managers to provide you with advice

3. Experience and practices

over 15 working formats available

4. Smooth and secure communication

dedicated IT team and tailor-made IT architecture

5. A healthy environment

99% of offices on day one, 140x70cm offices, external green spaces…

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Wellio Paris Gobelins professional office rentals

Renting a professional office in a dedicated business centre is the simplest solution for entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals or anyone who wants to work in a private office. At Wellio Paris Gobelins, we offer workspace rentals in a district where productivity and escapism are the watchwords. Learn more about our private office rentals.

Wellio Paris Gobelins: professional office rentals

Spaces available for professionals

Our Wellio Gobelins spot, with its immersive and dynamic décor, is designed to help pro-workers be even more proactive. Designed by Cocorico and inspired by the Gobelins manufactory, our space is fully in sync with today’s digital world.

Wellio Paris Gobelins is the solution for developing your professional creativity or expanding your network among coworkers.
Immerse yourself in unique communal areas such as the lounge space with its aura of a modern manufactory, or the Café des Gobelins with its striking design. You can also enjoy the gaming room or the breathtaking view of Paris on the 750 m² rooftop by night.

Services included for your professional comfort

Wellio Paris Gobelins offers the following services year-round to all pro-workers :

  • Concierge and reception service;
  • A team at your disposal including a dedicated Well’Manager;
  • A secure and portable IT network;
  • Unlimited access to all Wellio network services.

With our additional services, it is possible to customise your workspace. You can request registered office services or long-term private rental of meeting rooms.

Our professional office rental offer

To book a private office at Paris Gobelins, contact us to talk about your plans and we will offer you a detailed personalised quote.

For greater flexibility, two formulas are available :

  • Office Formula, in an open-plan space, starting at €750 per month per workstation;
  • Office Suite Formula, consisting of an open-plan space, a manager’s office and a private meeting room, by request only.

What is there to do in the Paris Gobelins district?

The Gobelins district is located where the 5th and 13th arrondissements of Paris meet.
In this area, you will find everything within easy reach. The parks and gardens are easily accessible, as are the various shops, all situated amid a thriving cosmopolitan melting pot.
Walks around the Gobelins manufactory are steeped in history. Close to the Asian quarter of Paris, the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand, Place d’Italie and the Olympiades are among the many points of interest to be discovered.

To get to Wellio Paris Gobelins and enjoy its 4,550 m² of space : 40 boulevard de Port-Royal.

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Pro-spots nearby

  • Les frangins
  • Le sirocco
  • Verse toujours
  • Neoness
  • Ligne 7 – Les Gobelins
  • Ligne 7 – Censier-Doubenton
  • RER B – Port-Royal

You can also organise your events

A la carte event spaces (auditorium, lobby, rooftop) from €200 excl. tax/hour.


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🫱🏼‍🫲🏽 Rencontre avec Clément Houllier, co-fondateur et CEO de auumofficiel, une start-up qui a développé une technologie de nettoyage à base de vapeur sèche pour rendre la réutilisation la plus universelle possible.

📍 Clément a choisi Wellio Paris Miromesnil pour sa localisation et l’expérience globale qui est accueillante et dans laquelle les collaborateurs se sentent bien.

🎙️Découvrez son expérience chez Wellio Paris Miromesnil.


🫱🏼‍🫲🏽 Meeting with Clément Houllier, co-founder and CEO of @auumofficial, a startup that has developed dry steam-based cleaning technology to make reuse as universal as possible.

📍 Clément chose Wellio Paris Miromesnil for its location and the overall welcoming experience where collaborators feel at ease.

🎙️ Discover his experience at Wellio Paris Miromesnil.

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Notre prochaine adresse Wellio sera à Saint-Lazare ! Restez connectés pour en savoir plus sur l'histoire de ce nouveau lieu, son design et ses fonctionnalités. ✨


Crosswords that will give you the neighborhood of our future Wellio address. 💡
Did you find it? 🔍
Our next Wellio address will be in Saint-Lazare! Stay connected to learn more about the history of this new place, its design, and its features. ✨

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Une localisation à deviner 🔍 pour pouvoir retrouver l'adresse de notre prochain espace de travail Wellio… 📍

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Clue n°2️⃣

A location to guess 🔍 to find the address of our next Wellio workspace… 📍

Do you have any idea? Let us know in the comments. 💬

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