Created in collaboration with Dwa Design Studio

Inspired by the artistic surroundings of the historic centre, which can be admired from the rooftop and the terraces, from the large windows of the staircase and from the windows of the building: the church of Santa Maria presso San Satiro by Bramante, the dome of the secular temple of San Sebastiano by Pellegrino Tebaldi, the Duomo, the top of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the Velasca Tower.

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Common areas available

  • area bar

  • area bar

  • break and kitchen area

  • rooftop

  • terrace

At Wellio it’s all included

  • Concierge and reception service including mail handling
  • A caring team with a dedicated Well’Manager
  • IT network secure and portable with on-site assistance
  • Open 365 days/year 24 hours a day
  • Member status unlimited access to the Wellio network

Our additional services

  • Personalisation

    layout, furniture, decor
    IT architecture and equipment

  • Long-term private hire of meeting rooms
  • Domiciliation

Pros for professionals

our promise: 5 commitments to help boost your productivity

1. Real estate expertise at your service

Wellio, a range designed by Covivio, leading real estate operator in Europe

2. A setting that reflects your company

customisable working spaces, project managers can provide you with advice

3. Experience and practices

over 15 working formats available

4. Smooth secured communication

a dedicated IT team with tailor-made IT architecture

5. A healthy environment

99% of offices on day one, 140x70cm offices, external green spaces…

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