Soak up the Milanese design

Created with Cristofori Santi Architetti

Epic, Radical, Poetic, Milan 900… a unique concept that celebrates all artistic trends.

  • Geometric texture

  • Epic engraving

  • Elegant design

  • Signature archway

Reserve one of our spaces at Milan Dante

Common areas available

  • Patio

  • Lounge Bar

  • Kitchen

  • Play Room

  • Alcoves

  • Rooftop

With wellio, it's included

  • Concierge and reception service including mail handling
  • A caring team with a dedicated well'manager
  • IT network secure and portable with on-site assistance
  • Open 365 days/year 24 hours a day
  • Member status unlimited access to the Wellio network

Our additional services

  • Personalisation

    layout, furniture, decor, IT architecture and equipment

  • Long-term privatisation

    of meeting rooms and event spaces

  • Domiciliation
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Pros for professionals

our promise: 5 commitments to boost your productivity

1. Real estate expertise at your service

Wellio, a range designed by Covivio, leading real estate operator in Europe

2. A setting that represents your company

customisable working spaces, our project managers to provide you with advice

3. Experience and practices

over 15 working formats available

4. Smooth and secure communication

dedicated IT team and tailor-made IT architecture

5. A healthy environment

99% of offices on day one, 140x70cm offices, external green spaces…

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Our Wellio Milan Dante workspaces

Designed by the renowned Italian architect Cristofori Santi, our Wellio Milan Dante site draws its inspiration from the major currents of Milan’s artistic culture. Located in the historic district, our private offices, event spaces, meeting rooms and coworking spaces are in Via Dante. Work alone or in a team in an elegant atmosphere with Epic, Radical, Poetic and Novecento elements… a unique concept where each artistic trend is honoured.

Wellio Milan is at the centre of all the excitement


Like the famous Museo del Novecento in Milan, our pro-working spaces have an artistic atmosphere. The various design styles invoke various Italian trends, combining kinetic art, geometric textures and a clash of materials. The entire space is designed for professional well-being.

  • Private offices : Open-plan or partitioned space? Work on your projects in complete confidentiality. Contact us to visit and reserve a private space;
  • Coworking : At the heart of the Via Dante, our Wellio Milan space offers resident subscriptions (year–round designated workstation) and club pro-worker subscriptions (accessible during business hours);
  • Event spaces : Our event spaces are the solution for your events and meetings in Milan. Up to 90 people can enjoy a tailor-made setting and a friendly team to assist you;
  • Meeting rooms : To take advantage of one of our Plug & Play meeting rooms, tell us the number of people and the date of the event.

Shared spaces available to professionals

A chic and trendy Italian atmosphere permeates our available spaces:

  • Exterior patio : A modern setting with natural vegetation;
  • Panoramic rooftop : Take in the panoramic view;
  • Skybar : Relax in a stylish and open setting;
  • Kitchenette : Have lunch on site and save working time;
  • Bubbles : When you want to cut yourself off from the outside world to recharge your batteries.

Wellio Milan Dante, in the famous shopping street

Via Dante is the most famous shopping street in Milan. Tourists, locals and street artists mingle and participate in the carnival atmosphere.
Dotted with shops and restaurants, the street is very lively, and you can enjoy remarkable period architecture.

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Pro-spots nearby

  • Terrazza Apero
  • Bar Straf
  • Mandarin Bar & Bistrot
  • Café Trussardi
  • Just Cavalli Restaurant & Club
  • 20 Hours Club
  • Métro 1 – Cordusio
  • Tram 1 – Cairoli
  • Tram 4 – Cairoli
  • Métro 1 – Cairoli

Find your pro-working space at Milan Dante

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Activez le mode concentration avec la playlist Wellio : "Welli'ondes" disponible sur Spotify. 🎧

Découvrez notre nouveauté du moment, une playlist spéciale focus et travail développée par Wellio et des sound designers. Une équipe de professionnels s'est réunie pour choisir les meilleures musiques et optimiser votre concentration au travail.

➡️ Rendez-vous en story pour découvrir nos playlists, une playlist par atmosphère dans chacun de nos Wellio.

Turn on focus mode with the Wellio playlist: ""Welli'ondes"" available on Spotify. 🎧

Discover our current motivational songs of the moment with our special focus and work playlist developed by Wellio and a team of professional audio designers. This team of professionals have selected the best music for you to listen to and optimize your working day.

➡️ Go to story to discover our playlists, a playlist by atmosphere in each of our Wellio.

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👋🏼 Bienvenue à La Tribune chez Wellio Paris Montmartre.

La Tribune c'est l'espace événementiel parfait pour organiser vos conférences plénières.
Tout le matériel nécessaire au bon déroulé de vos événements est mis à disposition :
🖥 Deux écrans LCD 65 ̋
📹 Un vidéoprojecteur 3000×1875 pixels
↩️ Des écrans de retour
👀 Du matériel de projection (ClickShare & HDMI)
🎤 Un micro et son système son
🪑 Un pupitre et un tabouret haut
🔊 Un régie son et diffusion
🍽 Le room service à la demande

Vous souhaitez réserver La Tribune ? Envoyez-nous un MP pour plus d'informations ou contacter l'équipe Wellio Paris Montmartre directement sur place.

👋🏼 Welcome to La Tribune at Wellio Paris Montmartre.

La Tribune is the perfect event space to organize your conferences.
The equipment at your disposal for all events includes:
🖥 Two LCD screens 65 ̋
📹 A 3000×1875 pixels video projector
️ Return screens
👀 Projection hardware (ClickShare & HDMI)
🎤 A microphone and sound system
🪑 A lectern and a high stool
🔊 A sound and distribution control room
🍽 Room service on demand

Interested in booking La Tribune? Send us a PM for more information or contact the Wellio Paris Montmartre team directly on site.

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