Your TV set in the heart of Paris

Modular set for your digital conferences, live events, video projects, webinars, interviews, debates, broadcasts. A turnkey offer with a dedicated technical team that takes care of the recording, video production and broadcasting!

Included in the studio

  • displays 2 integrated 65'' screens, 3 55'' return screens, 5 control screens
  • cameras 3 4K turret cameras including 1 wide angle
  • lighting & sound light & sound control, microphones, sign, sound feedback
  • materials VMIX station, broadcast and streaming computers
  • cover bespoke digital decor & customisable dressing

How to reserve the video studio at Paris Gare de Lyon?

  1. 1. Come and visit
    Contact us
  2. 2. We send you a detailed, tailored proposal
  3. 3. Welcome to Wellio

Common areas available

  • Patio

  • Hall

  • Paillote Hellio

  • Rooftop

  • Paillote Club

  • Paillote Plaggio

With Wellio, it's included

  • Plug & Play comprehensive IT equipment and custom configuration
  • A caring team with a dedicated well’manager
  • Informal spaces available bar, lounge, rooftop, gaming zone, alcove…

With Wellio, it's (also) possible

  • Our selection of caterers

    from a gourmet break to the cooking show of a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”

  • Our address book

    of coaches, experts in design thinking, keynote speakers…

Contact us

Pros for professionals

Our promise: 5 commitments to help boost your productivity

1. A setting that represents your company

customisable meeting spaces, our event team to provide you with advice

2. Smooth and secure communication

dual dark fibre wi-fi supply, zero internet interruption commitment

3. A healthy environment

99% of spaces on day one, external green spaces, HQE and BREEAM labels…

4. Experience and practices

over 15 working formats available

5. Real estate expertise at your service

Wellio, a range designed by Covivio, leading real estate operator in Europe

Find out more about Wellio

Wellio Paris Gare de Lyon coworking spaces

Whether you want to work alone or in teams, learn more about our coworking spaces at Wellio Paris Gare de Lyon. Shared offices designed to optimise productivity for all: freelancers, remote workers, SMEs or large groups. Adaptable to your needs, our shared working areas are available via resident or roaming subscriptions.

Wellio Paris Gare de Lyon shared working areas

Our shared offices, with their arty design by Colliers International, are the ideal working environment for pro-workers who care about their environment.
At Wellio Paris Gare de Lyon, enjoy various spaces such as the entrance lobby, the various relaxation patios, the paillotes and much more.

Shared office pricing

To work on-site or remotely, alone or as a team, our coworking spaces are flexible enough to meet your needs.

Two formulas are available to professionals:

  • Resident Subscription : Access to all Wellio services every day of the year. Your own designated workstation in a shared and enclosed coworking space. Resident subscriptions are available for €480 per month per workstation;
  • Roaming or club pro-worker subscriptions : Access to all lounges and outdoor areas during business hours and to all Wellio services dedicated to professionals. Club pro-worker subscriptions are available for €300 per month per workstation.

Wellio Paris Gare de Lyon, at the heart of Paris 12

Located at 15 rue Traversière, 75012 Paris, our Wellio Paris Gare de Lyon spot is in a quiet and trendy area. There is something for everyone: good restaurants, peaceful nature or trendy bars. A stone’s throw away from Paris Bercy, coworkers enjoy an outstanding working environment.
Even though Paris 12 is huge and runs diagonally from Place de la Bastille to the Bois de Vincennes, it is crossed by the famous Coulée Verte. 4.5 km in length, the tree-lined promenade is the ideal place for a relaxing walk.

Some useful information for our coworkers

Here is a list of addresses or phone numbers that may be useful to you during your visit to our Wellio Paris Gare de Lyon shared offices.

Gare de Lyon address : Place Louis Armand, 75571 Paris
Gare de Lyon telephone : +33 1 84 94 97 36 35
Rue Traversière Paris 12 hotels :

  • Hôtel du Midi : 2 stars, relaxed, good deal. Located at 31 rue Traversière;
  • Best Western Hôtel Aurore : Traditional, bright rooms, excellent breakfast. It is located at 13 rue Traversière.
Read more

Pro-spots nearby

  • F&K bistroclub
  • Le blind pig
  • Gamelle et timbale
  • Petit Ogre
  • Daniele et Denise
  • RER A – Gare de Lyon
  • RER D – Gare de Lyon
  • Métro 1 – Gare de Lyon
  • Métro 5 – Gare de Lyon
  • Métro 5 – Quai de La Rapée

Do you prefer to reserve a meeting room online?

Meeting rooms: up to 35 people from €20 excl. tax/hour

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Activez le mode concentration avec la playlist Wellio : "Welli'ondes" disponible sur Spotify. 🎧

Découvrez notre nouveauté du moment, une playlist spéciale focus et travail développée par Wellio et des sound designers. Une équipe de professionnels s'est réunie pour choisir les meilleures musiques et optimiser votre concentration au travail.

➡️ Rendez-vous en story pour découvrir nos playlists, une playlist par atmosphère dans chacun de nos Wellio.

Turn on focus mode with the Wellio playlist: ""Welli'ondes"" available on Spotify. 🎧

Discover our current motivational songs of the moment with our special focus and work playlist developed by Wellio and a team of professional audio designers. This team of professionals have selected the best music for you to listen to and optimize your working day.

➡️ Go to story to discover our playlists, a playlist by atmosphere in each of our Wellio.

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👋🏼 Bienvenue à La Tribune chez Wellio Paris Montmartre.

La Tribune c'est l'espace événementiel parfait pour organiser vos conférences plénières.
Tout le matériel nécessaire au bon déroulé de vos événements est mis à disposition :
🖥 Deux écrans LCD 65 ̋
📹 Un vidéoprojecteur 3000×1875 pixels
↩️ Des écrans de retour
👀 Du matériel de projection (ClickShare & HDMI)
🎤 Un micro et son système son
🪑 Un pupitre et un tabouret haut
🔊 Un régie son et diffusion
🍽 Le room service à la demande

Vous souhaitez réserver La Tribune ? Envoyez-nous un MP pour plus d'informations ou contacter l'équipe Wellio Paris Montmartre directement sur place.

👋🏼 Welcome to La Tribune at Wellio Paris Montmartre.

La Tribune is the perfect event space to organize your conferences.
The equipment at your disposal for all events includes:
🖥 Two LCD screens 65 ̋
📹 A 3000×1875 pixels video projector
️ Return screens
👀 Projection hardware (ClickShare & HDMI)
🎤 A microphone and sound system
🪑 A lectern and a high stool
🔊 A sound and distribution control room
🍽 Room service on demand

Interested in booking La Tribune? Send us a PM for more information or contact the Wellio Paris Montmartre team directly on site.

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